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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New kids on this block

These girls are gonna own a piece of this blog very soon...

The one who's writting is May and the other is Rachel, they are coming to make it a little bit rocked.

Ok, you've been with me since November of 2008... so two years of bullshit been developed by me... but do you remember when I presented Steeve, the Transvestite Pig to you guys? Or Bob, the Wealthy Guy? Now I'm going to present these two friends of mine who are really sweet.


Well, do you remember Marina Gasolina? Ex-vocalist of the baile funk band Bonde do Rolê?
She's back and already released her teaser for new album in UK... Check it out:

See her interview for IM // UR

And now...
have a great day


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