Sunday, October 11, 2009


For the ones who dont know, Eliana was a composer from 90s that used to make songs for kids and to cast TV programs for children. Who in Brazil does not remember the old songs, like the one that talked about the animals, or that about the fingers or even that about the ants? Eliana was everywhere. Now, even out from the kids scene, she is still very famous casting some foolish sunday TV programs... Some kind of young Hebe.

So, CSS, which is one of the best pieces of shit spread around... And they are really lovely ones, invited Eliana to sing in one of their tracks to the next album. C'mom! Eliana and CSS, JUST AMAZING.

Alala and Little Fingers... It is so magic and full of aqué. Acuenda... cause it is going to be the BIG BOOM, better than the BIG BANG, better than the BIG DICK and even better than the BIG PRATO FEITO.

PRATO FEITO means cheap food in Brazil. If you ever come and do not want to turn your aqué ($$) into shit, turn it into a P.F. Then, be proud of yourself.

"Thumbs, thumbs... Where are they? Here they are. They greet themselves, they greet themselves, then they go, then they go." (Eliana's song "Os Dedinhos")