Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm screaming I love you so, but my thoughts you can't decode.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hey guys, today I presented my Seminar about what's made in the lab and how to throw it out without destroying the environment. Teacher said it was very good! It's so sad I am not needing a good grade on this subject, it always happens.

A big bug on the monitor while posting a nice comment to a nice friend.

And a true WOMEN FIGHT!

OK, hot day!
And to cool it off,
I leave a great song called 'Fotologger Diva', by 'Bonde das Impostora'.

Impostora - Fotologger Diva

I hate funk, but there are things we have to share.

Have a nice night .

Ho ho ho... Bad week, good week (?)

Hey people, Math exam was frustrating.

I thought I would get 7 or 6, and that'd be enough to pass. But then, when I was looking for the results... what did I find? A paper, with my number and the grade by its side... 4,0! 4! 4!
It was like...

And what does it mean? More 15 or 20 days in school, studying what I hate the most.
I mean, I have 8 people by my side, who will have to study more to the final exam and through this week, this number will probably increase. Physics (666) and Organic Chem is messing with everybody.

But people, I am happy - I don't sleep a long time ago but I am pretty happy.
Special thanks to Thata (?taissa? I forgot o.o I'm sorry, it always happens) who I knew this evening and is a great person by the few we talked.

Oh folks, I'm so tired that I can't review my English...
All I think now is...

Thoughts got out loud.

Have to go, guys, Inorganic Chem Seminar today :P
Hope I don't fail.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shots from LONG ago

Bob, a fashion and headless guy we met in the beggining of the year. He never, but never uses the same clothes twice! It's so... wealthy! Huh? However...

Healthy food we got there, I also have pics of my sister swallowing junk food as a monster, but no, no, maybe I'll post them another time. [Notice my sis' fat hand on the pic - That's what McDonald's does]

Oh people, thanks for supporting with so nice comments. Now, I've got to go, I have a hard Math exam [no I'm not smart] and I'm sure I'll fail, and I'll have to cheat some... so, no problem.

Have fun.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Steeve, the pig.

Say hello to my sister's new friend, Steeve, the pig.

If you look close at Steeve's eyes, you'll see this pig is a transvestite.
cof cof
Have a nice night.


Kinda crazy for having a physics exam today... If you didn't study, make a cake and laugh...

And call the dogs!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nice shots

A curious wall...

A CSS fan school bathroom...

And a tiring class...

Hard day to get through.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why? Who? What? 'Wh' questions...

Nice to meet you.

My name is Antonio and I live somewhere you'll never find in Rio de Janeiro state, in an unhappy but colored country called Brazil. Ok, I'm 15 y.o. and yes, that's it.

This blog is here for nothing, and that's pretty cool, guys.

Have fun.